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I’ve been saying for years that “the chickens are coming home to roost” on our madcap climate and energy policies but it hasn’t made a blind bit of difference to the determination of our politicians to press ahead regardless.

Just look at the official claptrap put out the other day by lying fantasist Grant Shapps about building a “world-leading energy sector” – still favouring the useless weather-dependent renewables which are slowly strangling our energy infrastructure, still no domestic fracking, still maintaining the North Sea windfall tax which can only discourage development, still pressing pointless, unwanted EVs and heat pumps onto the general public, suddenly imposing a nationwide 20mph urban speed limit based on junk science and now ramping up on ruinous carbon capture and storage. Yet this is supposed to “reduce energy bills” and “boost economic growth” : https://www.gov.uk/government/news/industry-and-government-agree-to-seize-the-immense-opportunities-ahead-as-britain-builds-a-world-leading-energy-sector.

What if the ulterior purpose of Net Zero is to deliberately deindustrialise the economy and make us all poorer? It’s certainly heading that way. A cabal which is willing to maim and kill the general public via their fake plandemic and their unsafe and ineffective vaccines is capable of any level of evil.

I’ve said before, it is beyond the pay grade of our puppet politicians to stand up to the globalist overlords who are pushing this agenda. We need to clear out all the puppets.

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Now we are learning US Presidential Candidate Ron DeSantis is thoroughly in the pocket of NextEra SCAM Energy, allowing Florida's Electricity Grid to be destroyed by Big Solar.

$8.6B already spent, $5.5-$6B of that going to China. With another 300 sq. miles of Solar Thin Film PV from NexEra planned for $28B by 2030. And by 2045 Florida Power & Light will buy a further1200 sq. miles of Solar PV from NextEra and 90GW capacity @ $150B + $154B of Chinese battery storage + $660B for Hydrogen Conversions. For a projected 5-6X increase in Electricity Costs.

So that's $14B to get an avg GW of electricity production, not counting the necessary NG buffering infrastucture and the $660B on Hydrogen. With the UAE just paying $24.4B for 5.6Gw of Nuclear, so $4.8B for an avg GW of production. Lasting 60-100yrs not 20-30yrs. And hurricane proof. I wonder how much NextEra had to pay in order to buy DeSantis. Those political donations sure have a super payback.

Dave Walsh: Florida's Energy Cost To Go Up 4x Due To Ron DeSantis Policy, Exacerbating Electricity Shortage:


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They'll also need to wake up to the fact that the de facto Open Borders plus Net Zero dogma is a fundamentally irrational contradiction in terms: our small crowded island is witnessing mass legal and illegal migration conjoined with the ruinous Net Zero commitments, which, if not stopped, will result in control creep and demand management-rationing-on a scale hitherto unseen.

Moves to carpet open land with solar arrays, bird choppers, plus pylon extensions ,while simultaneously providing the housing and infrastructure to accommodate the rapid population growth now manifesting, plus moves to rewild what remains of productive farm land and open rural areas will reduce the UK to the human equivalent of a termite colony.

Magical thinking, fiscal , political and social chicanery must be stopped now and the various doom sayers, wealthy hypocrites and vested interests held to account before it is too late.

The PM must find the backbone to roll back the cultish zealotry which has gained too much influence and stop the catastrophising ; we also need to provide for the growing numbers of scientists, engineers and other sceptics to expose the Net Zero lobby and its assorted media promoters to open debate ,rational analysis and the freedom to promote the dissent hitherto denounced and derided.

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Regardless of what these charlatans think or say, I cant / wont believe that this will go away, for the simple reason that the architecture for this is far far bigger and more influential and powerful than this countries or any other countries politics. 'The Great Work' has been meticulously planned by the all powerful globalists for decades. The puppet minions in westmonster will receive there revised direction in due course.

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In Canada, I wish more people would realize that the country's extreme view of net-zero is nonsensical. I will be more exact, the view is coming from government and their selected environmentalists. Canada also has a Minster of the Environment who has worked with Greenpeace. I want policies that make sense for Canadians and are sensible. I think it is wrong to base environmental policies on Agenda 2030 and 2050. I also truly think the guidelines from the United Nations, World Health Organization, World Economic Forum, and other ngos should be questioned. We need strong policies for Canadians, by Canadians.

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Some good news for once...

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As the rather sad Guardian has put it "but but 71% of the public support net zero"

That's because they ask abstract questions about whether they support a concept, not the reality of what it means for their finances and equally their lives in terms of mobility and cost of mobility.

When confronted with the costs, you are going to find a very rapid turn around in public opinion indeed, as we have seen in Uxbridge, make the costs real, and very quickly there's a backlash.

What is not covered in this is Germany, where they got a new coalition government two years ago of the SPD (essentially Labour) Greens and the FDP (essentially a business friendly Liberal party)

They have pressed forward with this green agenda imposing requirements for air source heat pumps and more or less saying you won't be able to sell your house without one.

The costs of net zero are hitting the "Mittlestrand" of German business and many are either moving out of Germany, or moving production out of Germany or deciding to close their businesses.

The main reasons are two fold, energy prices are too high, net zero costs are too high and there's too much EU and German regulation

What i suspect Sir Kid Starver and The boy Sunak are looking at are the political reaction in Germany which I think is a precursor to what will happen here.

Because Germany (like the UK) has effectively a "Uniparty" approach where no matter where you vote you get green policies there is nowhere to vote against it.

So there is currently only one party standing against the Uniparty position on net zero and mass immigration and that's the AfD which is a far right reputedly neo nazi party.

Now you'd think that Germans of all people would never vote for a neo Nazi party, but such is their backlash against the uniparty that the AfD are now polling second in national polls at 20-23% with only the conservative opposition polling better on 26% (but falling)

The SPD/Greens/FDP are plummeting in the polls.

This is where the UK is going, we'll likely end up with Labour who will force these green costs onto everyone, businesses will collapse and with the Tories being fresh in the memory and unwilling to break international consensus there will be only one choice left in the UK, and that's Reform UK

And this "anti Net Zero" combined with anti mass immigration is driving politics right across Europe at the moment and any party on both tickets is going great guns

That's why Kid Starver and Boy Sunak are now back peddling

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