But the average subsidy per MWh has dropped? That’s a good thing isn’t it?

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Thank you David for your very helpful, concise report.

I often look at this website: UK Wind Curtailment Monitor https://wind.axle.energy/

Are you familiar with it? If so, is it reliable and accurate?

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The article pertains to the UK specifically, yes?

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I love how nobody is supposed to notice the conflict between:

1) “Solar and wind are the cheapest forms of energy” and

2) “We must increase subsidies to solar and wind”

Do they think we are stupid?

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Take a look at the AESO site, for Alberta in Canada, from 4400MW Wind capacity @ 1:42pm, 24MW generation that's 0.5% of capacity. And this is during a bad cold spell when both heat & electricity are max. With the two biggest cities, Edmonton & Calgary @ -33 degC. And solar is peaking @ 30% of capacity, so that isn't helping very much, that will make for a CF% of about 7%. Pathetic.


Even lower @ 3:30pm, Wind @ 15MW. Solar down to 300MW of 1650MW capacity.

Even lower @ 3:54pm, Wind @ 8MW. Solar down to 184MW.

Even lower @ 4:46 pm, Wind @ 7MW. Solar down to 1MW.

And AESO has announced a Grid Alert.

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We are on the same page David - resitance is building now. It's most encouraging to see investors fleeing renewables in droves. https://austrianpeter.substack.com/p/alternative-energy-hype-hope-or-glory?r=hkcp6&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web

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The fundamental problem is the wind supply, specifically wind droughts, in the European context the Dunkelflautes which in conjunction with the pathetic capacity of pumped hydro and battery storage eliminate any chance of giving up conventional power.

Given the price of gas the obvious answer is to burn coal in a fleet of new power stations.

Power will be cheap and reliable again.

Drop the subsidies and mandates for expensive, unreliable and ecologically catastrophic wind and solar power, then the facilities will be stranded assets.

The lack of attention to wind droughts up to the present time may be the big story of the decade.


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