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Is there any way for us to stop this madness?

A wealthy,well connected nexus has committed much of the west to a presently unworkable, unaffordable and frankly unimaginable future, thanks to 'right-think' and the alarmism and double standards employed so successfully during the lockdown lunacy.


Greed rather than green ,seems appropriate, as the toll on wild creatures, both marine and avian, is dismissed by the zealots in charge.

No dissent allowed or acknowledged by TPTB.

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Labour are the pot-smoking, off their heads, neo Marxist side of the Parliamentary Uni-Party. Islington Ed is the very personification of this group. It will be their turn to run the country (into the ground) soon and unlike the Cons, they don't need no stinking thermodynamics or economics - or even the passing semblance of these things - in order to achieve their magical Green Utopia. It's achievable - the Fairy God Mother told them so, as the Embers burned ever brighter in their hubbly-bubbly pipes. Reality will ONLY intrude upon their fantasies not when reality pinches them, but when reality kicks them ( but mostly us) hard in the teeth. Meanwhile, the Cons are busy passing legislation which will throw petrol on the fire of the coming Labour conflagration of eco-zealotry.

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Ed Milliband will be a complete menace to society, not only because he is an absolute zero zealot, but wants revenge on the British Public for rejecting him as Leader and ridiculing him in the press.

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Rishi is stuck between the rock of economic and social reality and the hard place of Nut Zero pledges.

Conference time soon.

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We know its cloud cookoo land but majority of politicians have become converts to this stuff and have spouted it out like some religious evangelist to the wider populous that they can't easily row back from it. Ed is the leading evangelists even out competing the Greens at times and this his meal ticket to a global role as he wants to be seen in same light as his brother. Remember also politicians makes loads of statements about what they are going to do but rarely ever deliver. To achieve this would require putting the country on a war footing but given how we've decimated our core industries of steel and electrical manufacturing we have ZERO chance of ever delivering even if we made it mission critical. Reality is many other parts of the globe have now jumped on this bandwagon and supply chain is saturated let alone the problems now being experienced with turbine failures.

So i believe we are at inflexion point where the long term goals of net zero will stay but the likes of 2030 were always a work of fiction even the previous 40GW offshore target wasn't viable. Politicians will slowly come round to this and Labour will have recalibrated Eds plan by the time manifesto comes and we will see him laying the road for that at the Labour conference.

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EMBER has Bryony Worthington (authoress of the Climate Change Act) as a rather prominent non-executive director, and Richard Black moonlighting from running ECIU as a Senior Policy Analyst, and giving a prime link for the BBC rolodex. Dig around and you find plenty of other links among the climaterati. They were responsible for this piece of fantasy for which they secured the endorsement of National Grid:


Every time I have looked at their work it is full of absurd assumptions. Impossibly high capacity factors, completely ignoring the real world consequences of intermittency, nonsense assumptions about demand management, V2G, build out rates etc. It's kindergarten standard stuff, which is unfortunately enough to fool politicians like Ed.

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The question I keep asking myself is, are our politicians bad (evil) or mad. The UK conservatives who have been in power since 2010 have, in my opinion as set out in my draft epitaph, shown themselves to be bad, see https://metatron.substack.com/p/my-heretical-epitaph?utm_source=profile&utm_medium=reader2.

When it comes to the opposition parties, I tend to think they are mostly just mad. They are obviously aware of the pressure coming from the globalist establishment to “tackle climate change” but they don’t seem to realise that the globalists are pushing this for their nihilist, anti-human, controlling ulterior agenda. Nor do they pause to think that what they are trying to achieve is utterly impossible technically, financially, logistically and politically.

In the words of Neil Oliver, we need a Revolution: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8_-9bDWaHY.

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I've been mapping out the CFD projects while we wait for confirmation that AR5 contracts get signed. Here are all the ones up to and including AR4, by Allocation Round.


The same thing with the technology identified by the symbol colour


This map shows lifetime capacity factors for those projects that have commenced their CFDs and are therefore operational, since the started up their CFD.


Rollout so far can hardly be described as rapid.

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I'm sure that Alice in Wonderland is alive and well and running the Nut Zero gravy train.

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Miliband is defunct of any credibility but is probably in the Shadow Cabinet to add some lustre to Starmer's deranged 2030 targets around zero carbon this that and the other. 2030 is the UN's 'utopia' and governments have 'saddled up and are whipping their horses' like crazy to reach it. Sunak has doubled down on banning ICE mode of transport by 2030 - what prizes must await him on the cusp of the next decade albeit no longer a PM but a (derisive) post script.

Rich and deluded and cruel despots are driving humanity in to the dust -and as we know, they are indifferent to the impacts because they will never be affected financially.

The facts laid out in this latest Eigen posting must surely be understood by those purportedly in charge, which means what do 'they' really hope to achieve? And, what more lies will be told as they scrabble for votes at the next election...'cleaner, greener' will really be 'colder and meaner', and if 'granny' finds herself at the sharp end, so be it! It's for the 'greater good', aka the green investors who will be amassing wealth.

It's the acceleration of agendas since 2020 (March 23rd) which is quite disorientating....Schwab did say there would be no reverting to the 'old normal'.

It's raining here so maybe the future looks bereft of sunlight, for this morning at least!

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I see Claire Coutinho agrees with you in viewing Labour policy as unworkable and destructive.


But I doubt she has worked out what to do.

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All this nonsense, financial suicide and march back to poverty of the 17th and 18th Century all for...... every 24M atmospheric molecules contains 10,000 CO2 molecules and the UK produces 3. And idiots think reducing this nr will change the weather, world and climate for the better. (Nature produces 9,700 of the 10,000 - what happens if that nr increases whilst we are bankrupting ourselves to remove, maybe 1?)

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Another brilliant analysis David

I, like you, see right through these incompetent political statements, financially and technically

If I had my way, I would put all these faux green con merchants on renewable energy only supplies, in battery cars, on heat pumps and feed them bugs or lab meat only - within 36 hours, they’d be clambering back to fossil fuels, gas boilers, ICE vehicles and common sense, yet they expect the masses to jump over that nut zero cliff - I for one, will never align to a policy that promises impoverishment and regression of the western nation masses, in the name of some faux science, ideological pretend problem that only exists in the heads of greedy, self serving globalist elites who continue to build up personal carbon footprints equal to that of small towns - their do as I say, not as I do attitude is as selfish as it is stupid

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